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cold, and I was wondering what he was going to
do with me, I was not long in finding out. When
he reached the stream he kicked a hole in a thin
coating of ice and hurled me into it, and the shock
nearly took my breath. When he reached down
and pulled me out I fought him, but he proceeded
on back to the camp with me under his arm as
though nothing had happened,,

When I got back into the warm teepee and got
my breath again, I asked him why he had done
that; and he said that my father had told him to
do it. I went to my father and asked him why
he had told my brother to do that to me. He

'You will have to do that yourself every morn-
Ing from now on, unless you want to be a girl—
then we will put dresses on you.' I assured him
that I did not want to be a girl, and he said: 'All
right, then, we will make a warrior of you/

That pleased me; and so I never kicked after
that. Soon I grew to like my morning plunge,
and I still like cold water to this day,

But on leaving my father's teepee, he said to
me: 'Hear me. If you want to get even with
your brother for what he did to you this morning
you go into his teepee to-morrow morning before
sunrise—I shall awake you—and you will find
him lying on his back asleep. Pull back the
blankets and you will see his big, naked chest